It’s the *First* Wednesday midweek date-night of the decade!  (i.e. the night Mr. MaiFI cooks a homemade meal, I do some lesson prep, blogging, and/or exercising, and we check in with each other, decompress, unload about our kiddos, share our “roses and thorns”, and altogether spend much needed quality time together) 

It’s been awhile since we’ve had our Wednesday date night… 3 weeks to be exact! Over break, Christmas and New Year’s landed on Wednesdays- so although we didn’t have date night, we still spent the evenings together. The first week of January we were in the snow with friends on Wednesday, and then decided to spend some quality time with family at my house. We were a bit MIA blogging and on insta over break- as we spent some time in Mexico celebrating New Years with my siblings, hosted holiday parties with family and friends, and trekked up the mountain for winter fun with colleagues. We also side-hustled, of course, but still relaxed and played~ enjoying a break as breaks are supposed to be enjoyed!

This week, we officially went back to school! It’s been only three days in, and already it feels like break was long ago- as if it never even happened!  *Take me back in time, please!* The first morning back is always rough, but we both quickly fell back into routine, and our kiddos are slowly adjusting back as well. *Plus, it’s a three day weekend this weekend!*

So here’s our mini check in and a slice of our lives for this week:

Mr. MaiFI check in:

  • Met my first credit card minimum spend~ spent $4000 in 3 months for 60,000 bonus points
  • Spent the money by buying and reselling products from Offerup and Ebay
  • Scored a textbook from Offerup that resold and paid for our whole trip to the snow
  • Currently listing some printer ink on ebay that I bought for $15 and am reselling for $50
  • First baseball game is in about a month and kids are showing some progress

Ms. MaiFI check in:

  • We adopted a rescue pup the last week! He is a chow chow husky mix with a gorgeous white coat. His name is Rocky and he is my baby and I’m in love! He loves to dance on his hind legs, give you hugs, and play. He and Joji chase and juke each other out around the backyard. It’s my favorite sight to see.
  • Front-loaded and Maxed out my IRA
  • Received a 3% raise *Union Strong*
  • Signed up for the second session of morning tutoring = some extra $$


  • Tonight, and it was totally unplanned, we both surprised each other with a sweet treat! I bought a fruit tart for Mr. MaiFI with my grocery card gift card I had received for Christmas, and Mr. MaiFI had bought me some Godiva chocolates to keep at his place for when I come over (these are the best chocolates in the world!) Both totally unexpected, but sweet gifts. They were both splurges, as neither of them are “budget-friendly” food purchases- but again, the whole point of FI isn’t missing out and cutting back on everything you enjoy, but letting go of the things that don’t bring you joy and aren’t necessary so that you have enough to spend on what does make you  and others happy. Do we buy each other expensive treats all the time? Of course not. But every once in awhile is another way for us to show love.

On the Dinner-Date Menu:

  • Marinated Oven Baked Chicken Thighs and Roasted Veggies (made with leg quarters $3.50 for 4- not as good of a sale as last time), broccoli ($1.10), red onion ($0.80), crimini mushrooms ($1.20), sweet potato and regular potato ($2.00)
  • Rice (have some at home)
  • Fruit Tart (bought with grocery card gift card aka Free- and Godiva Chocolates from the Mr. (?? he bought earlier to surprise me! I didn’t factor it in the price for our dinner)

Put those all together and we have a date night meal for 2, *plus* 2 leftover meals all for about $9.00. That’s about $3 a meal.  A hearty, savory, and sweet treat dinner and dessert date well within our budget! 

We’d love to hear a check-in from you as well! Everyone can use some midweek support. Comment below with how you are doing this week 🙂