Hey MaiFIFam,

It’s that time of the month. Let’s check on our net worth. 

We calculate our net worth by taking our cash/investments and subtracting any debt. Fortunately, we have no debt! That means our cash and investments are our net worth. 

That leaves us with a total net worth as of December 2019 of: 


If you read our November Net Worth post, you’d see that we made progress towards financial independence. At the end of November, our net worth was $221,107.87. That means we increased our net worth this month by $8,240! The increase is due to a high savings rate and high investment returns in the month of December.

Not too bad for two 25 year old teachers! MaiFI number is $1,200,000, which means we are currently 19.1% of the way to financial independence! 

*This month I, Mr. MaiFI, saved over $4,000. I’ll be posting my December budget soon!

Here is the breakdown of our net worth:

Mr. MaiFI’s  Net Worth Dec. 2019 = $83,808.57
Roth IRAVanguardVTSAX$17,673.07
457(b)Empower RetirementBlackRock Equity Index Fund R$15,450.69
Taxable AccountVanguardVTSAX$41,307.23
Taxable AccountBettermentBetterment’s 97/3 allocation of ETFs$3,343.38
CheckingMission Federal Credit Unionn/a$6,034.20
Ms. MaiFI’s  Net Worth Dec. 2019 = $145,538.81
Roth IRAVanguardVTSAX$8,804.05
457(b)Empower RetirementBlackRock Equity Index Fund R$13,420.26
Taxable AccountVanguardVTSAX$116,290.66
CD**SDCCU2.5% APY$80,706.18

**Ms. MaiFI had a lot of money tied up in a CD earning a 2.5% APY. We decided to remove the money from the CD (and forfeit all of the earnings) to invest that money in VTSAX in her taxable account. She forfeited around $700 of earnings, but we thought it would be a better idea to have that $80,000 invested to potentially earn a lot more than the CD would have. 

Investment Allocation:

Our allocation is currently 100% Stocks. In our taxable and Roth IRA accounts, we invest in VTSAX (Vanguards U.S. Total Stock Market Index Fund), a low-cost, broad-based index fund. 

Unfortunately, VTSAX is not available in our 457(b) employer sponsored plan, so we invest in the next closest thing, BlackRock Equity Index Fund R. 

Why 100% stocks and not a 90/10 or 80/20 stock/bond allocation? That’s for another article.