Mr. MaiFI here. 

Trip to the thrift 12/27/19! 

I had to stop by the DMV to pick up a driver handbook for my grandma. Luckily there is a Goodwill very close to it. I popped in for 20 minutes and walked out with these treasures!

The register rang up at $30.94. I used my student discount and got 10% off, or $3.09.

The total cost ended up being $27.85. I put the charge on my credit card, as I’m trying to reach my spending limit to earn travel rewards with my Chase Sapphire Preferred. 

Let’s start with the biggest score! A sealed Manhattan GMAT set for $9.99. 

This is such a rare find at Goodwill because they scan textbooks and resell them on Amazon if they have value. Someone must have missed this one! Even luckier, the cash register told me he had just put this item out an hour earlier. 

Here’s what the set is selling for on Amazon new and used:

While the set I bought is new and shrink wrapped, I will list the set as used-like new because there are some tears in the shrink wrap (Amazon has very strict condition guidelines).

The set has a sales rank of #694,505 in books, which means it has a very good chance of selling in the next few months. 

I will list the set for $169.99 and lower it every week it doesn’t sell. Here’s the payout I would receive at various price points:

Selling Price$169.99$149.99$129.99$109.99
Net Proceeds$125.24$108.24$91.24$74.24

The second item I found was a sealed board game, Dizios.

Goodwill charged me $4.99. I’ll match the lowest prime offer of $29.00 and walk away with a profit of $12.75 when it sells. It has a sales rank of #79,000 in toys, so it will sell relatively quickly. 

Next, was a new in box panasonic shaver. Goodwill charged me $7.99. 

I’m restricted in this category on Amazon, so I would have to sell it on eBay. Comps on eBay are in the $30 – $35 range. I’m not going to sell it though! I’ve been looking for a trimmer at a bargain deal. And that is exactly what this is. A $56 shaver for only $7.99!

Next, I found two starbucks mugs in the coffee mug section. They are Starbucks collection mugs of Orlando and Houston

eBay comps show the Orlando mug selling around $20. Comps show the Orlando mug selling around $25. Shipping will be a little trick on these, so I’ll either lot these up and sell them together or wait until I find a few more cities and make a larger lot. 

Last was a treat yo’ self gift, financial independence style! I picked up a very cool Star Wars the Clone Wars cup for $1.99. And technically it was free, as my 10% student discount saved me $3.09!

So there it is! A trip to the DMV turned into some profits.

Total spent: $27.85

Potential value after fees: $162 + a new shaver + an awesome Star Wars cup!

What were your thrift finds of the week?