Mr. MaiFI here,

Ah, December! The time of the holidays, whether that be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other celebration.

It’s the time of festivity, family, and appreciation for all that we have.

While I am excited about all of those things, I also really look forward to December because that’s when my side hustle kicks it into high gear.  (Teacher’s don’t receive a Christmas bonus~ so I’ll settle for a Christmas side hustle bonus)

I design t-shirts and sell them on Amazon through a program called Merch By Amazon (MBA) . I wrote about it briefly in our everyday we’re side hustlin‘ post. 

Shirts sell somewhat consistently year round and it offers Ms. MaiFI and me a decent amount of extra income. 

But, when it’s December, shirts start flying off the shelf! That’s because people are shopping for gifts! You’d be surprised how many people resort to buying knick knacks and t-shirts with funny quotes or designs! 

Sales shoot through the roof. 

As of today, December 21st, 2019, here’s what has sold:

I’ve sold 404 shirts sold for a royalty of $2,172.02. Absolutely crazy if you think about it. All of my shirts are text-based designs. None of them have graphics.

Because I’m so far removed from the actual making and shipping of the shirt, I receive a royalty every time a shirt or hoodie sells. And I’m completely fine with that. 

The last thing I want to do on my holiday break is worry about printing the shirt, shipping it, and dealing with customer support! 

I’m much happier just throwing a design on Amazon and letting it do its thing. 

Seems to be working so far.

*Ms. MaiFI here!

I just started the side hustle game this past summer with a encouraging *push* from Mr. MaiFI. My most profitable side hustle is selling resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. On average, I make about $200 a month of passive income. However, around the holiday season, holiday resources are in high demand.

Knowing this, I was proactive and created several holiday resources over my Thanksgiving break so that they’d be available for the holiday festivities. Due to this, my side hustle income this month has almost doubled to $382.28. I sell individual resources for $5.00 (some are bundled for higher prices) and I earn $4 for each sale. That’s about 97 resources that have sold this month!

Aside from the gratitude for the extra money that this brings in, I love the idea that my reading resources are encouraging little one’s in school’s all over the country to bring the story beyond the book!

Overall, zero extra work hours for a solid Christmas bonus = #winning.

Your turn:

Do you get a Christmas Bonus? What side hustling do you do to make extra income around the holidays?