It’s Wednesday midweek date-night!  (i.e. the night Mr. MaiFI cooks a homemade meal, I do some lesson prep, blogging, and/or exercising, and we check in with each other, decompress, unload about our kiddos, share our “roses and thorns”, and altogether spend much needed quality time together) This night is the perfect remedy to get through the rest of the week (especially the last week of school RIGHT before Winter break!)

I saw a meme the other day that quite accurately sums up the past week with our students:

“ Twas the week before Christmas, 

when all through the land,

 all the students were talking, 

not one raising their hand.”

Needless to say, it’s been a high energy week! But it’s a tradeoff. A week of hyperactive children bubbling with excitement for the holidays in exchange for a week full of festive fun: holiday treats every day in the staff lounge, holiday sweater and PJ day, cookie decorating, gingerbread house making, gift crafting, hot cocoa drinking, art creating, and even some *movie watching*. This is all in elementary of course. Mr. MaiFI has the high schoolers this week preparing for their chem final they will be taking tomorrow. But don’t worry, they still get spirit days – even high schoolers still get PJ day!

Aside from our full-time teacher jobs- December is also a *hot* month for our side hustle income streams! Mr. MaiFI has raked in at least $2,000 since the first of the month selling shirts on Merch by Amazon, and my TpT sales have been increasing as teachers are looking for those holiday crafts to occupy giddy little hands and minds. We’re looking forward to seeing the final side hustle income reports come the end of the month.  Since teacher’s don’t get bonuses, it’s like our own self-made *Christmas Bonus!*

So here’s our mini check in and a slice of our lives for this week:

Mr. MaiFI check in:

  • Last day of baseball practice tomorrow before break
  • Chaperoning a Junior Class Christmas Movie night this Friday (Last day before break!)
  • Administering a final tomorrow
  • Pumped for the Democratic Debate tomorrow night!

Ms. MaiFI check in:

  • Prepping *free* student holiday gifts for this year, and coworker homemade gifts
  • Prepping for Sugar Cookie Decorating on Friday with the 3rd graders
  • New Instagram TV episode released on collaboration with HarperCollins publisher
  • Closed a CD prematurely and instead invested the funds in Index Funds through Vanguard


  • 3 week winter break starts next week!!!! (We’ll be sharing our winter break goals soon!)

On the Dinner-Date Menu:

  • Garlic Basil Chicken with Tomato Butter Sauce and pasta (made with leg quarters $1.70 for 4, leftover broccoli, tomatoes for $1.10, Basil for $0.99 veggies, butter from home, pasta $0.99)
  • Christmas Cookies (Free from the staff lounge at Ms. MaiFI’s school)

Put those all together and we have a date night meal for 2, *plus* 2 leftover meals all for less than $7! That’s a little less than $2 a meal.  A light, yet filling, and oh so savory and delicious meal- well within our budget! 

We’d love to hear a check-in from you as well! Everyone can use some midweek support. Comment below with how you are doing this week 🙂